Lit Up !


If your teen's English Lang and Lit grades could do with a boost, you've come to the right place.  At Lit Up! my goal is to help them unlock their full academic potential with highly personalized guidance in English language and literature.                                                                     
At our one-to-one sessions, I help them navigate the complex maze of language usage and expression, while building their critical reasoning and analytical skills, so that they can communicate in a structured and effective manner - across subjects.

お子様の英語の成績にお悩みなどはありますか? 講師は、日本語を流暢に話し、日本語と英語で学習を指導する事ができます。経験豊富な家庭教師として、お子様の学力を最大限に引き出し、英語のサポートを提供しております。IGCSE/GCSEやIBの準備に特化し、中学生から高校生のお子様が英語の文学に対して、優れた成績を取れるようにサポートして参ります。エッセイの文の構成や文法など試験対策に必要な解読を指導しております。あらゆる言語上の課題に屈折ず、素晴らしい結果を実現しましょう。ご連絡お待ちしております!

Why choose me?

Experienced tutor
As an experienced tutor specializing in IGCSE/GCSE and IB preparation, I am dedicated to helping students from grades 9 to 12 excel in their language and literature studies. With my guidance, they’ll learn to critically analyse, reason and to structure their work so they can communicate what they want to say with impact.

Comprehensive language study
From vocabulary practice, writing essays and ‘unpacking’ texts, to exam strategies, together we'll work on conquering any language challenges to get your child the results they want.

Personalized lessons
Get in touch with me for a one to one consult, to see how I can help.


I have been working with Ms. Malavika from grades 9 to 12, and I can confidently say that those years were transformative for me. Throughout the four years, I received her undivided attention, and she tailored her teaching to meet my specific needs. What sets Ms. Malavika apart is her genuine passion for the subject. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she has a remarkable ability to ignite that same enthusiasm in me. As a result of Ms. Malavika's guidance and support, I witnessed a remarkable improvement in my academic performance. My grades improved significantly, and I consistently produced work that I had only previously dreamed of. I am immensely grateful to Ms. Malavika for her unwavering commitment to my success. She not only improved my understanding of the subject but also instilled in me a deep appreciation for it. She is a truly exceptional educator, and I owe much of my academic growth to her!
Student at UWCSEA East (Singapore)